[How to] Turn off iMac/Mac Book Pro/Mac Mini Display Using Hot Corner In Mac OS X

If you own an iMac you’d probably be aware that you just cannot manually turn off just the display cause there’s no hardware button to turn the display off.

Now you can put your screen to sleep by the use of  Hot Corners. You can setup hot corners in the mission control on the Mac OS X Lion and they can be activated just by sliding cursor into the specified corners of the screen.

Follow these step in order to set it up:

  • Launch System Preferences and click on “Mission Control”
  • Click on “Hot Corners…” in the lower left corner
  • Set the screen corners you want to use to “Put Display to Sleep”
  • Close out of System Preferences and test the Hot Corner by sliding your cursor into that screens corner

As seen in the screenshot below, the lower right corner is set to put the display to sleep, while the lower left corner starts the screen saver. Sleeping the display is more like turning it off,rather than putting it to sleep.

Another way to lock the screen is to setup a keyboard shortcut. Either way, if you have a password enabled for the lock or screensaver screen you will need to enter the login credentials again to regain access to the Mac OS X desktop.


[via - OSXDaily]