Refurbished iPhone 4 Sold As Corporate Deals for just INR 22,500, Unavailable to General Public

With the launch of iPhone 4S in India it was expected to be huge craze amongst all classes of people.

But many of potential buyers of the Apple product were put-off by its humongous price tag. Priced at 44,500 INR, it seemed to be out of reach for many aspirants and current users who wanted to do an upgrade, especially with the introduction of “Siri” the voice assistant and also many new features like 8MP Camera.

The old phones which were submitted by the users who did an upgrade made it possible for Apple to refurbish these phones and sell it at considerable rates.

Beetel (Bharti Airtel’s hardware retail arm that is also distributing the iPhone 4S) received a small inventory of refurbished iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone 4 16GB was available for Rs 22,500 and the iPhone 3GS 8GB for approximately Rs 15,000.

But now it has been learnt that since there is a lack of such units, it’s been decided by the company that, it will offer these iPhone’s in the form of corporate deals rather than launching it in open market. Sources have confirmed of  these refurbished iPhone 4 16GB models being picked up at price of   22,500 INR with complete bill and one-year warranty.

While the question lurks over the number of units which were available but, it is estimated to be around 1,000 units. People who were not able to get it this time around need to be disappointed because, this was certainly not the last chance you had.More of such refurbished phones are expected in coming months,so be ready to catch hold of them next time around.

[via - BGR]