Apple Suggested Alternate Designs to Samsung For it’s Galaxy Smartphones and Tabs

All of us know about the heating battle between Apple and Samsung with Apple seeking ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab due to similar designing of their tablet to the Apple’s highly popular iPad which is currently a leader in the tablet marketshare.

Recently public versions of legal briefs were released and as spotted earlier by TheVerge, Apple suggested some alternative designs for Samsung Galaxy Tab to clearly distinguish between the two rival tablets and to avoid any further controversy with their phones and tablet design.

Here’s what Apple suggested for the alternate smartphone design for Samsung smartphones:

  • Front surface that isn’t black.
  • Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.
  • Display screens that aren’t centered on the front face and have substantial lateral borders.
  • Non-horizontal speaker slots.
  • Front surfaces with substantial adornment.
  • No front bezel at all.

And for the tablets here’s what they suggested them to keep the iPad and Galaxy Tab distinct looking tablets:

  • Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.
  • Thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface.
  • Front surface that isn’t entirely flat.
  • Profiles that aren’t thin.
  • Cluttered appearance

Responding to their suggestions Samsung slightly modified their Galaxy Tab 10.1N for Germany release,but apple wasn’t convinced and seeked for the ban yet again.By far Apple had won 2 injunctions against samsung,one in germany and other in australia,but recently the australia ban was lifted and is now under appeal.

[via - Appleinsider]