iPhone Gets Renewed Tetris From EA

Electronic Arts has released yet another copy of Tetris, this time for the iPhone, and it’s actually pretty good. Last night alongwith  other big releases on the App Store, Tetris  replaced EA’s older version of the game.In this version EA has added a little innovation to charge up the game for the upcoming holiday season. The highlight of the show is a mode called one-touch marathon. As each piece drops you can get a set of optional places on screen to put it, and when you touch the place you want, the piece goes there. No more twisting pieces around and waiting for them to fall in, just touch where they need to be and kaboom!! they will be.

There’s also a new “Galaxy” mode which brings power ups to Tetris, challenges to go after in a “Tetris Log. Finally, there’s lots of social features and leaderboard integration with something called the “T-Club” as well as a “Tetris Rank,” which you can obtain for an in-app subscription of $2.99 a month.

To sum it up, EA has taken one of the simplest games out there and updated it with all of the funky stuff  you find on iOS titles. EA did not add Game Center, which seems a waste, but I think EA is still trying to build up its own social networks rather than hook into Apple’s. At any rate, the new game is available for just 99 cents, so the game’s there if you want to try it out.