iPhone 4S Roll Out Continues, 16th December Launch for Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and A Few More

Apple keeping their promise of launching the iPhone 4S in as many countries as possible in this calendar year has been rolling out the latest and the greatest iPhone till date in multiple countries trying their best to achieve the target of 70 countries.

On 16th December the iPhone 4S will be launched in:

  • Brazil,
  • Russia,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Taiwan,
  • South Africa,
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines

Some of the countries like Russia have already started with the pre orders of the iPhone 4S, while we have been hearing about some of the shops in Brazil selling the 16 GB version of iPhone 4S and a 8GB iPhone 4 for a ridiculously high price of $ 2000 before the official launch, also earlier in November we have already seen with the India launch being one of the costliest one with the prices of all the versions of iPhone 4S being more than $200 costlier than the United States pricing.

Though there aren’t any official announcement by the carriers about the tariff plans as on now,but as the launch gets closer,they would eventually come out.

[via - Macrumors]