MacBook Air 15-inch Model Refresh Arriving Early Next Year

Earlier today DigiTimes  reported  that Apple is preparing to launch MacBook Air refresh early next year. Apple is also looking to expand its ultra-thin notebook family. There are also reports from the upstream supply chain that the company will update existing 11.6- and 13.3-inch models and put out a new 15-inch model.

The sources noted that related upstream players have already started pilot production of the MacBook Air models and will add a 15-inch model into the product line to expand its reach in the ultra-thin notebook market.

Also an interesting news from the consumer’s perspective is that,  Apple is expected to lower prices of the current lineup ahead of the refresh. The update should include a new Ivy Bridge processors that consume less power while providing a speed boost in the CPU and GPU department which is also expected to be a part of the next MacBook Pro refresh.

 According to sources, prototypes of the machine with its weak hinges are still floating around the Cupertino campus, with sources explaining that employees have maintained “an unhealthy amount of affection”  for these products.
Image Source: Apple