Sony and Hitachi to Supply 4″ LCD for the iPhone 5 [Rumor]

We have been hearing a lot of rumors about upcoming iDevices line up for next year from Apple, so the rumors are already floating around the iPad Mini and the newly redesigned iPhone the iPhone 5. Just a while back we reported the news of Sharp providing the LCDs for the next iPad.

Now according to a Japanese site, Hitach Displays Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation have already started shipping 4″ LCD panels to Apple, though the device which is intended to use these panels is yet unknown,but the device is expected to hit the shores in 2012. This reports comes after what we reported earlier today about Sharp making displays for the next generation of iPad, if history is any indication we already know that Apple is known for sourcing their hardware components from various manufacturers.

These two companies Sony and Hitach Displays would probably merge their business with Toshiba Mobile Display Co. in 2012.In other news Apple is apparently working on a fundamentally distinct display technology for the iPad 4 courtesy an unspecified Taiwanese company.

So expect the 2012 lineup of iPhone and iPod Touch to be based on a 4″ screen!