Now Make Your iPhone Totally Waterproof [Video]

As it is with all touchscreen phones when exposed to moisture or when they accidentally fell in water they seem to stop working or have some serious damages.Same it is with an iPhone. Inside every iPhone there are a dozen little moisture indicators that turn pink the moment your iPhone is exposed to excessive moisture. This makes it difficult to use in rains or other atrocious conditions. Apple uses such indicators to tell when to deny you warranty service because you’ve accidentally dropped your device in the drink or left it out in the rain, but wouldn’t it be better if Apple never had to worry about replacing a water damaged device again?

Well this all could be true in a years time thanks to Never Wet, a superhydrophobic coating that does such a good job resisting moisture that devices literally can never get wet when immersed or exposed to water.

Check out the video below, in which an iPhone 3G  functions normally while submerged in water for over thirty minutes.

The coating was developed by the minds over at Ross Nanotechnology, and not only does Never Wet make it possible to keep electronic devices water proof for over a year at a time, but it’s also great for preventing ice damage, corrosion and making devices less prone to picking up harmful bacteria. All they did was spray every inch of the outside with Never Wet, then dumped it in a bowl of water with the stopwatch app going. 30 minutes later, the device was still perfectly functional.

According to Ross Nanotechnology, Never Wet’s still at least a year away from being deployed commercially. In one years time all iPhone users will breathe a sigh of relief with the release of such a wonderful product to keep their iPhones out of harms way.