Apple’s Grand Central Store To Give Thanksgiving Weekend A Slip

Much to the dismay of Apple fans in New York who were thinking of buying Apple products this weekend in the all new Grand Central Terminal store will have to wait for some more time. The store was suppose to open this  week as the holiday shopping season officially kicks into gear but,  a construction worker reportedly confirmed to Mashable yesterday that Apple’s latest store probably won’t open for business until next month.

“It won’t be any time too soon,” the worker told Mashable. “We still have a lot to do, so my guess is that it will be ready in December.”

It seems that, for now the new store will continue to remain boarded up and hidden from the public as construction continues. Once it opens its doors, the store will be Apple’s fifth outlet in New York City and promises to be one of the company’s biggest. Stretching between two balconies, the store will take up more than 23,000 square feet. In comparison, Apple’s Regent Street store in London is 25,000 square feet in size, but only 22,000 square feet is available to the public.

The Manhattan station draws around 750,000 visitors on an average day and as many a million a day during the holidays, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.Which will indeed be of great importance for Apple’s business. Apple will reportedly pay more than $1 million each year in rent.