Apple Discards Big Fish Game’s Monthly Subscription for Unlimited Games From App Store

After reporting last night of the first monthly subscription based app to be permitted by Apple,  Bloomberg reports Apple has removed Big Fish Games‘ subscription based game from the App Store. Big Fish Games was reported last night to be the first to make available a game that offered a subscription model inside, a feature that was originally exclusive to news apps.

After last night’s report that the game was able to receive this new subscription feature, there was much speculation that this app wasn’t actually offering subscription.

The game’s founder Paul Thelen says that, his team worked with Apple for several weeks to make sure it met requirements regarding in-app subscriptions, and that Apple even approved the press release announcing the game.

But it seems now that Apple has a sudden change of mind and have decided to remove this app from the App Store.

The way the app was supposed to work was, a user could purchase a Big Fish Games subscription for $6.99 a month to play unlimited games that the publisher made available through the dedicated app. Games were then streamed to the user’s iPad from Big Fish’s data centers.

Apple reportedly took 30% of the revenue, just like the company does with news apps.