Flipboard 1.6 For iPad adds Flipboard Account Feature

Flipboard app for iPad was recently updated to the 1.6 version adding a new feature called “Flipboard Account” with the latest update which is used to sync the content between the devices along with this feature the update also added the support for tumblr and 500px.

A new edition of Flipboard releases today, and it brings the debut of Flipboard Accounts, as well as integration with blogging service Tumblr and photography community 500px. Now, Flipboard is even more tailored to you while offering easy access to two of the most beautiful content platforms out there.

So when Flipboard gets released for the iPhone, Flipboard Account feature would help synchronizing users data from the iDevices with their content stored in the cloud and easily accessible with a few initial steps setup and the Flipboard Account would closely integrate with your favorite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Flipboard has  been one of the best apps for the iOS platform, got recognition as iPads App for the year and one of TIME’s top 50 innovations of 2010. The app is available exclusively  for iPad at the moment (iPhone version coming soon)

You can download FlipBoard 1.6 for iPad for Free from App Store.