Apple Delaying iOS 5.0.2 Update Citing Memory Leakage Issues

Apple was supposed to release the next iOS 5 update that is the iOS 5.0.2 to fix the much talked about battery drainage issues that the iPhone 4S users have been facing for quite a while now.

But now according to a German site, Apple is delaying the iOS 5.0.2 update citing memory leaks in the code for the particular version and would eventually require more time for testing before the update gets released.

The site also suggested that yet another minor update was scheduled after the 5.0.2 that is the iOs 5.0.3 update, so at this time Apple do not want to rush into with unnecessary update release one after the other.

The iOS 5.0.2 update is expected to fix the battery issue to increase the battery life of the iPhone 4S to upto 10 hours of active usage. Soon after the initial rollout of the iPhone 4S many of the users complained about poor battery life for their iPhone 4S, this is the next most disappointing scenario for Apple after the last year’s iPhone 4 antenna gate fiasco.

[via - AppleInsider]