Nimbuzz Debuts its Online Retail Market in India with Aircel’s iPhone 4S Pre-Orders

Recently, Mobile IM app maker, Nimbuzz, entered online retail market with the launch of its new site, of cellphones via its new site Ncarry. is the result of more than four years of partnerships with the top operators and handset manufacturers of India. is a fast growing e-Commerce destination in India, which caters to handset sales in India.

NCarry is jointly owned by Naspers/MIH (who also have investments in Tencent,, Gadu Gadu, Tradus, ibibo etc) and Capital Mangrove (who have also invested in Skype).

Even, Aircel has chosen it to power its iPhone 4S pre-order system. The site at first glance gives an impression of being inspired from Flipkart. We checked a couple of phones on both sites and found Ncarry to be slightly cheaper (BlackBerry Bold 9900 for Rs 32,900 on Ncarry and Rs 33,000 on Flipkart).

However, it is too early to call it a winner as Flipkart is an established player with a proven track record while Ncarry still has a long way to go. We will be keeping a close watch on Ncarry in the coming weeks and months. Ncarry also provide an option for the customers to track the status of your delivery.