Thicker iPad 3, All Metal 4-Inch iPhone 5 Coming This Summer [Rumor]

Rumor Mills have started a new rumor about possible changes in next year’s Apple product lineup. iLounge reports that one of their trusted source has spoken of three things which will be on display next summer. The first on the agenda being, iPad 3 will be slightly thicker than the iPad 2, secondly, The iPhone 5 to be released as a 4-inch device, and finally, a new look MacBook Pro line will be launched.

Firstly, we shall discuss the iPad 3 being slightly thicker than iPad 2 scenario:

iPad 3 is rumored to be 0.77mm or about 8% thicker than iPad 2. This is required to install the twin light bar system needed to illuminate a 9.7-inch Retina Display. Makes sense to us, as does iLounge’s claim that the iPad 3 would be released in March but shown off for the first time in January which would give developers ample amount of time to update their iPadapps to the new Retina Display.

Next we discuss of the iPhone 5 which will be coming as a 4-inch device, although it won’t be the teardrop version that everyone was talking about before the iPhone 4S’s debut. It will be 8mm longer than the iPhone 4S and come in a metal casing. It is rumored to be a be released  summer release for iPhone 5 , which in all probabilities is not gonna happen, as traditionally iPhone were launched in a September/October time-frame as  it is closer to Christmas.

Finally, iLounge uncontroversially claims 2012 will see the MacBook Pro line finally get a redesign, though they don’t say what that will look like. It doesn;t seem to be happening, because the MacBook Pro line hasn’t seen an update since late 2008, and they are ripe for a MacBook Air-like redesign, abandoning their optical drives and gaining ubiquitous SSDs.