iPhone 4S : AT&T vs Sprint vs Verizon Performance Comparison

iPhone 4S is available for multiple carriers worldwide,while in the United States the top 3 Carriers for the iPhone 4S are AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. So the question arises who’s the best amongst them?

Recently Metrico Wireless tested the iPhone 4S on the 3 top carriers to shed some light on which is the best when it comes to Data Rates and most importantly which one is a reliable one when it comes to call dropping issues.

According to their recent study in which they tested all the 3 networks for more than 21,000 web-page downloads, 8,000 download/upload tests and 6,000 voice calls on real and simulated networks.

So according to the studies we can conclude that while AT&T Still beats the others in terms of the Data Rates for both upload and download speeds as compared to Verizon and Sprint,but when it comes to call reliability Verizon takes the crown.Sadly though Sprint gets the crown for dropping most calls.

If you are looking for higher data rates for the iPhone 4S then AT&T is your choice and if you want a reliable network service then Verizon is your bet.

[via - TNW]