iPhone 4S Costliest in India, Starts at an Insane ₹44,500 ($866) for the 16Gig

It’s 18th November, what it was supposed to be the iPhone 4S pre orders day for potential Aircel India iPhone 4S buyers.

Though the site has still not listed any details for the pre orders of the phone or any pricing details for any version of the iPhone 4S, the price details have already been leaked courtesy the carrier stores in the country.



According to the staff at Airtel Gallery in Mumbai, the prices of the upcoming iPhone 4S are as follows:

  • iPhone 4S 16 GB would cost  Rs. 44,500
  • iPhone 4S 32 GB would cost Rs. 50,900
  • iPhone 4S 64 GB would cost Rs.  57,500

While the predecessor 8GB iPhone 4 would cost  Rs. 37,900 and as the Dollar conversion ratio rises the earlier iPhone 3GS which was an under Rs. 20,000 affair would now cost Rs. 20,900.

This is by far the costliest iPhone 4S if we compare the prices with other launch countries which are far much lesser than these ridiculous pricing put by the Indian carriers. So if you have any family members or friends coming to India this Christmas we would recommend you to ask them to buy one from there instead of buying it for a hefty price.