After Battery Trouble, iPhone 4S Runs Into Sound Quality Issues

Its been out-and-out chaos for Apple since the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 4S but the nightmare seems to continue for Apple.

Up until now the battery drain issues were giving headache to Apple now there is another issue that seems to have crept in. Some users are also complaining of a persistent and annoying echo. Since the release of the new iPhone, a large number of users have reported sound quality issues when using an Apple iPhone headset.

Owners have also said the problem occurs while using the speakerphone, and it seems to have persisted for many after last week’s iOS 5.0.1 update, according to discussion on the Apple forums.

iPhone 4S users have reported a number of variations on continuing echo problems while using speakerphone or headset and almost an equal number of alleged solutions, including things like turning the speakerphone on and off or plugging in and unplugging the headset. However, there does not seem to be a single solution to this array of problems revolving around in-call audio and the phone’s various output channels.

Some users reported that iOS 5.0.1 took care of the problem, but to make things worse others say it has aggravated the problem. Well, It’s rumored that iOS 5.0.2 is being rushed out to take another chance at fixing battery issues. iPhone 4S echo sufferers are hoping the update will solve their issue too.

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