iOS 5.0.2 To Fully Resolve Battery Woes and iOS 5.1 To Make Siri Even Smarter

The release of next update scheduled next week from the Cupertino company will surely end the battery woes for the recently launched  iPhone 4S. This update comes as a relief for the users who will now enjoy the stated-in-manual 40 hours of standby and 10 hours’ usage. Previously this problem of battery was assured to be a software glitch but with many users complaining of similar problems with their iPhones  forced Apple to come out with the new iOS 5.0.2 update which will surely resolve the battery issue.

According to German blog Macerkopf (Mac Heads?), which focuses its attention – as you might expect – around the Cupertino company a guy from inside working in Apple’s iOS division has revealed to them that the battery issues have been completely resolved, allowing iPhone 4S users to enjoy the stated-in-manual 40 hours of standby and 10 hours’ usage. The post also claims the update will be released no later than next week, so those of you experiencing rapid battery depletion, it seems you’ve only a few days to wait.

Also, iOS 5.1  does have some exciting rumored features – the main one being improvements to Siri. Allegedly, the voice-recognition software will be able to recognize quite a few more commands than the fairly broad catalogue it’s already capable of; such as taking pictures and video clips, and the ability to activate / deactivate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Unfortunately there has been no indication as to when iOS 5.1 will be released but for now, we should just be relieved  that the battery issue is (presumably) fixed.