Ultrathin 15″ MacBooks Slated for First Half of 2012 [Rumor]

The Ultra-thin Notebooks segment is currently filled with products from companies like Samsung, Acer or Asus bringing Windows powered ultrathin laptops in the market to give a tough competition to the Macbook Air.

A few days back we reported about Apple is prepping ultrathins for early next year,now according to the recent reports from Digitimes, Upstream suppliers have already started shipping a small volume of components for a 15-inch ultra-thin notebook, while we are yet unsure about what would eventually be an Ultrathin MacBook that is if it’s going to be a Mac Book Pro or a newer Mac Book Air Range and the devices are expected to hit the markets as early as the second quarter of 2012.

There are not much details about the  newer Ultrathin Macbooks, though it is expected to feature an SSD instead of a Hard Disk Drive similar to the current Mac Book Air configuration and we might not see an Optical drive with the ultrathin due to its design limitations of 0.8″ thickness.

With the competitors like Acer and Asus gearing up for their version of ultrabooks coinciding with the Apple’s Ultrabooks it would be interesting to see who  would eventually succeed.