4″ iPhone 5 and 7.35″ iPad Mini Displays Being Prepared by LG [Rumor]

W all know by now that LG is prepping the Retina Display for the upcoming version of iPad that is the iPad 3 majorly cause of the recent patent battle between Apple and its previous LCD provider Samsung.

But now yet another news has surfaced courtesy Korea Times that LG is also planning on bringing the next iPhone display along with the display for the rumored smaller version of the iPad.

According to the sources LG is prepping a 4 ” Retina display for the upcoming iPhone 5 and a 7.35 ” display for the smaller version of iPad,both the devices size are already in the talking for quite a while since we have been hearing about a redesigned version of iPhone is just around the corner and spotting of an iPhone 5 prototype in the wild every now and then.

Both the iDevices are expected to be released sometime in the next calendar year, while a newer version with a marginal upgrade might hit as early as the first quarter of 2012, the newly redesigned iPad would probably hit by the second half of the next year.

[via - BGR]