Siri Communication Protocol Cracked, Expect an Unofficial Release Soon!

There were a lot of rumors floating around about Siri being tested out on the older iDevices by Apple, but Apple soon denied any plans of bringing the Siri voice recognition based system on older iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches.

Though there were some attempts made to port the Siri System to older iPhones but all of them were having some restrictions, most important one being the way the system communicates with the Apple Servers, as officially only the iPhone 4S devices are allowed to use the protocol to communicate with the Apple servers to use the Siri Feature.

But now Applidium, well known for  bringing the open source VLC player on the App Store (which was eventually pulled due to some licensing issues) have reported that they have successfully cracked the Siri Protocol and were able to communicate with the Apple Servers using a computer, that is fooling the servers to get recognized as if the signals were originating from an  iPhone 4S.

For others to try out this thing on their older iDevices here’s a thing, they would require an iPhone 4S Identification String which Applidium developers were able to extract from one of their devices and used the same to authenticate from other device.

As we can see there are still some complications which needed to be dealt with at the moment, but by far this is the closest anyone has got to getting Siri to work on other devices and with this we can expect other developers to come up with something and might get to see Siri not only on iOS but other platforms as well.