iPhone Battery Issues Not Related to Hardware According to Recent Tests

While Apple is doing their best to kill the battery ghost which is haunting the iDevices specifically the iPhone 4 and the newly launched iPhone 4S with their latest release for the iOS updates the iOS 5.0.1 the battery drainage problem still is being reported by many of the users and even the iPad users are now reporting about poor battery life even with the latest iOS 5.0.1 update.

The issue is been in the talking for quite a while now and Apple is doing their best to sort things out, since this one is the second biggest issue after the last years iPhone 4′s Antenna gate fiasco.Now some of the iOS  developers have concluded with their testing that this poor battery issue has nothing to do with the hardware part but just the software as reported earlier by ZDNet.

As one of the developers who tested the battery performance of two iPhone 4S devices and both were running the iOS 5.0.1 OS with one showing poor battery performance while the other one worked perfectly fine. One thing to be noted here that both the devices were having different configurations, while one was for pure app testing purposes the other one was for the day to day usage.

The developer factory reset both handsets and after that recovered from a backup. However, rather than reloading them with their original backup and while doing so he swapped them over. Reloading the daily usage iPhone 4S with the backup from his development handset, and loaded the development handset with the backup from his regular usage handset. Then after then swapping the battery drainage problem also got swapped as well. The development handset which was loaded with his daily usage handset backup was suffering from battery issues while the daily usage handset was showing no signs of it.

So as far as the testing goes for these two iPhone 4S the tests indicates software flaw rather than a hardware one.