iAd Producer 2.0 Launched With Some Advancements

iAd Producer provides an easier way to design and assemble high-impact, interactive content for iAd. iAd Producer automatically manages the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript behind your iAd to make creating beautiful, motion-rich iAd content.For advanced developers, iAd Producer offers sophisticated JavaScript editing and debugging, along with a powerful extension mechanism that enables them to create and re-use their own page templates and components.

Visual Designer

iAd Producer brings together all of the key elements of your iAd content in a single design window. Choose the type of iOS device you’re building for, and iAd Producer gives you an overview of the structure and flow of your iAd, as well as a powerful visual editing canvas for each of the individual pages.

Page Templates

iAd Producer gives you over a dozen page templates for essential page layouts and banners, as well as advanced iAd page templates like video carousels, maps, and interactive image galleries. You supply your own artwork to create a motion-rich, interactive experience.

Component Library

Building motion-rich, interactive components into your ad content is easy with iAd Producer. The library of pre-built components provides common interface elements like buttons, sliders and switches, as well as more complex motion-rich objects such as CoverFlow views and Carousel — all without having to write a line of code.

Animation Tools and Effects

Creating page transitions and animation effects on your page components is as easy as choosing from the library of animations and effects built into iAd Producer. iAd Producer includes wipes, fades, spinning effects, cube transitions and much more. You select the in and out animations for your pages or components, and control the timing to create the perfect effect. You can even create sophisticated effects by animating object properties such as position, opacity, size, color, and shadow.

Also,You can easily test drive and fine tune your iAd project using the simulator features built into iAd Producer.For advanced iAd developers, iAd Producer provides a powerful JavaScript editor with auto-completion, syntax coloring, and auto-indent. In addition, the editor provides quick access to all of the JavaScript source files in your project, as well as all available events in your page or component.JavaScript debugging in iAd Producer is fast and powerful, letting you set breakpoints within your JavaScript code with a click, step through your code a line at a time and even interactively evaluate JavaScript expressions. At all times you have convenient access to the JavaScript call stack and run log, giving you serious debugging power. It also provides JavaScript “minification” and concatenation to help optimize the files sent over the Internet as a part of your ad content.

You can Download iAd Producer 2.0 here.