iPhone 4S Price in India [Estimate]

According to various rumors floating around the internet, Apple could be bringing the iPhone 4S to India this month.

The Indian launch date is said to be on 24th November as we reported earlier.

A lot of people have been asking me about the cost of the iPhone 4S in India.

So here’s a rough estimate of what I think the iPhone 4S will cost in India:

iPhone 4S 16Gb : INR 39,999
iPhone 4S 32Gb : INR 49,999
iPhone 4S 64Gb : INR 59,999

These high estimates are due to the Rupee getting weaker by the day. 1$ is about 50Rs now!

Other mobile brands like Samsung and LG too have confirmed there will be a hike in mobile pricing due to this.

So if you have a relative coming over from the States (or Hongkong) I suggest you go ahead and book your factory unlocked iPhone 4S from there.