iOS and Android Combined Captures 58% of Mobile Gaming Market

Gone are the days of the PlayStation Portables and the Nintendo DS’s. These were the two big names for many years as far as the portable gaming market goes. Then came the game changer with the launch of iPhone which brought the iOS platform for the portable iDevices and then came the cheaper alternative for the iOS with Android running on virtually any portable device ranging from dirt cheap phones to the high end phones and tablets.

With these new platforms came their own Application stores with App Store and Android Market flourishing with thousands of apps and high quality games running on the iDevices and the Android phones and now according to the recent report from Flurry iOS and Android now cover as much as 58% of mobile gaming market  in terms of revenue generation from mobile gaming  while the earlier biggies like Nintendo DS and PSP falling behind with 36% and 6 % respectively.

If we take a look back into the history we can clearly make out that iOS and Android almost tripled their market share in the span of 2 years almost nearing the 60% mark.So this indicates that people are more inclined towards downloading the apps and games as a digital copy from the App Store or Android Market than hitting a store to get the age old Cartridges to play the games on their portables.

So both Nintendo and Sony has to pull off something huge to regain their market share in the mobile gaming business, otherwise it’s curtains for those legendary gaming gadgets.