Apple Rumored to be testing Siri on older iPhones and other iDevices

While many of the Apple Enthusiasts are trying their best to port Siri on the older iPhones like the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch, the news we’ve got for you today would definitely cheer all those users having the iPhone 4 and the other iDevices which are currently missing the Siri Fun on their existing devices.

According to Jailbreaknation one of their tipsters got some news from Siri front, if the tipster is to be believed Apple is now Testing the Siri Voice recognition feature on iDevices other than iPhone 4S, specifically the iPhone 4 and perhaps other devices like the iPad are also on the cards.

According to the tipster Apple has given their employees access to a special software version that incorporates Siri’s features on to older iDevices.

So there is definitely a ray of hope for the existing old iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. Watch this space for more more news on the Siri Front.