“The Lost Interview” of Steve Jobs Coming to a Theater near you

We already saw the release of Steve Job’s Biography which was released a couple of weeks ago became an instant bestseller amongst the electronic as well as physical books around the world.

Now folks in the United States get ready to see your iCon Steve Jobs as he hits the SilverScreen this month with a 70 minute movie named “The Lost Interview” and yes we are not talking about the rumored movie in the making but an old Interview which he gave to Robert Cringely.

The original conversation with Robert was for the author and producer’s 1996 miniseries “Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires” about the origins of the personal computer industry and the emergence of Silicon Valley as a technology hub.

The original 70 minutes interview has now been found on a  VHS copy in the documentary director’s garage and folks around 19 US cities, including Palo Alto when it releases in two weeks time reports LATimes.