[How to] Keep Junk Mail Folder Contents Consistent In MobileMe Webmail & OS X Mail

If you use Mac OS X Mail to check your MobileMe email, the contents of your Junk folder may not match unless you choose the right settings. By default, Mac OS X Mail stores junk messages locally, whereas MobileMe Mail stores messages on an IMAP server.

Hence, in order to experience a consistent behaviour between MobileMe Mail and Mac OS X Mail, you need to make sure that your  Mac OS X Mail preferences are configured in the following manner:

  • Open Mail on your Mac.
  • Choose Preferences from the Mail menu.
  • Click Junk Mail.
  • Make sure “Enable junk mail filtering” is selected.
  • Also, enable the option to “Move it to the Junk mailbox”  located under “When junk mail arrives.”
  • Click the Accounts tab.
  • Select your MobileMe account.
  • Click the Mailbox Behaviors tab.
  • Make sure “Store junk messages on the server” is enabled.

You can also enter the same settings on other Macs from which you use Mac OS X Mail to access your MobileMe email.With these settings, all messages marked as junk will be placed into the same folder on the MobileMe server. Whenever you visit your Junk folder and remove messages, they’ll be removed permanently.