Developers Facing Activation Issues with iOS 5.0.1 Beta

We reported earlier today about the iOS 5.0.1 Beta seeded for the Developers, the update is supposed to fix the battery drainage bug, some security improvements  and some improvements in the Siri Voice Recognition front (adding support for Australian accent).

The downloads are developers only, which means only the registered developers can download the build. But as reported earlier today by Appleinsider more than 20 developers have reported activation problems with the iOs 5.0.1 beta update and have notified the same at the developers forum.

The developers are getting the following error:

This device is not registered as apart of the iPhone Developer Program.##br####br##if you are a member of the Program, please register your device in the iPhone Developer Program Portal.

The developers on the forums have advised other  developers not to go for the update straight away and wait for further explanation from Apple to this problem.The public release for the update is expected within a few weeks,we can just hope that till the time it gets released for the common public all the issues gets sorted out.