Mac OS X 10.8 Testing Is Already Underway

Its early days, still news  is that, Apple has already begun work on their next version of Mac OS X named 10.8. Apple had only just released the final version of OS X 10.7 (Lion) to customers in July. OS X Lion had following features:

  • An iOS-like application launch screen known as Launchpad, Full-screen apps
  •  A new combined interface for Dashboard, Expose, and Spaces known as Mission Control
  • Enhanced Multi-Touch gestures, and improvements to a number of core applications such as Mail.

OS X Lion was the first version of Mac OS X to be distributed through the Mac App Store and it included a number of new features for the Mac.While Apple has yet to announce plans for the next major version of OS X, evidence of 10.8 first began appearing in web logs of MacRumors in August, and have since accelerated. This graph shows an increasing number of web visits from Mac OS X 10.8 users over the past several months.

Also a thing to observe is that, the first appearance of 10.7 was nearly a year before the first developer preview, and nearly 20 months before the public release.

So far, its been a mystery as to what we will get from Mac OS X 10.8. Traditionally, Apple has released its OS X’s every alternate year like, Mac OS X 10.3 in 2003, 10.4 in 2005, 10.5 in 2007, 10.6 in 2009, and 10.7 in 2011. Going by this we can expect a 2013 public release for Mac OS X 10.8.