Siri Coming to a TV Near You in 2013 [Rumor]

“Siri” the most touted feature of the recently launched iPhone 4S might very well be seen on the TV sets made by Apple.In the recent past we have been hearing rumors about apple prepping new TV sets which will be made available in upcoming years and now as reported earlier by NYTimes that the TV’s which would most probably be launched in 2013 will pack in Siri Feature along with them.

Here’s what Nick Bilton from NYTimes said,

It’s the stuff of science fiction. You sit on your couch and rather than fumble with several remotes or use hand gestures, you simply talk: “Put on the last episode of Gossip Girl.” “Play the local news headlines.” “Play some Coldplay music videos.” Siri does the rest.

Of course this experience goes beyond just playing TV shows or the local news. As the line between television programming and Web content continues to erode, a Siri-powered television would become more necessary. You aren’t going to want to flip through file folders or baskets of content, checking off what you want. Telling Siri to “play videos of cute cats falling asleep” would return an endless YouTube stream of adorable napping fur balls.

So according to him the TV is long in the making,right from those early iPhone days but there are some things apple has to figure out the final implementation work to be done.