After GTA III for iOS Announcement, Will Other Family Members follow?

Last month Rockstar’s  Grand Theft Auto III Celebrated it’s 10th anniversary of it’s launch and with that they also announced that the game will be making debut on the iOS based devices as well as some of the Android devices.

If that’s not enough, how about the GTA Vice City and San Andreas? Well after the announcement of GTA III on the iPhone and iPad and some of the selected android devices, geeks like us would definitely want the other family members from the popular series to come on the mobile platform, apparently DigitalTrends guys caught up with the makers of the game and asked the same question.

Here’s what they got as the answer, yes, since you’re probably wondering: It would be a “technical challenge” to deliver mobile ports of Vice City and San Andreas, but it is “very possible.”

So if everything goes right, we might get to see the other members of the Grand Theft Auto family on the iPhones and the iPads and the android devices in the near future. As far as the GTA III version goes it is expected to be released by the end of this year.

[via - Redmondpie]