[Rumor] iPhone 4S to Launch in India on 24th Nov

iPhone 4S


Since the launch of the iPhone 4S in the United States, people all around the world have been impatiently waiting to get their hands on it. Due to the huge demand for iPhone 4S, Apple launches it gradually across the world at about 15days interval.

India, although not considered a potential market by Apple, still have a huge fan following and have people waiting eagerly for the iPhone 4S.

Well there’s some good news for them now. According to BGR.in, Apple will launch the iPhone 4S in India on November 24th!

The iPhone 4S will be initially brought to India by Aircel and Airtel.

The cost of iPhone 4 is rumored to still cost above 30k and the iPhone 4S 64Gb top model could cost anywhere around 50k!