WeeKillBackground – Background Task Killer for iOS, Kills Apps From Notification Center

Are you tired of closing down background apps on your iDevice Notifications center which consume a lot of unnecessary battery as well as RAM, and are looking for something to help you out?  Then here is the answer to your woes, introducing a new Cydia tweak named WeekillBackground.

There is no need to explain it to you what this app is all about as the name in itself is self explanatory.This app is a boon for all iDevice users which were worried of lots and lots of battery and memory consumption that would happen due to such background apps.

The jailbreak community has come forward and done a world of good by releasing this tweak for iOS 5. Once installed via Cydia, WeeKillBackground adds a button to Notification Center’s pull-down drawer which, once tapped, closes all running applications and processes, freeing up some much needed memory.

To Install it on your iPhone follow the simple 3 steps below:

1. Open Cydia..
2. Go to Search > Search for ‘WeeKillBackground’
3. Select and Install it.

As always, in order to install this tweak, you will need a Jailbroken iPhone running iOS 5. You can refer to our Step by Step guide to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 5 using Redsn0w.

Image Source:Redmondpie