New RedleDocs 3.0 for iPad

Here comes ReadleDocs 3.0, popular all-in-one document viewer and file manager for iPad is updated. New versions include some improvements as in-document search, ‘Recents’ section,new and improved UI, ability to view & lot more.

Here are some interesting features in ReadleDocs 3.0

• Completely new and improved redesigned interface.

• New ‘Recents’ section which provides user to quick access to recently opened files • Full-text indexing and search were added — search inside PDFs, MS Office, rtf and txt files

• File storage complies to iOS Data Storage Guidelines

• PDF viewer with improved speed and stability

• Added underline and strikeout annotations for PDF

• Bookmarks for PDF files are saved inside PDF outlines now

• Faster viewer for TXT documents with font selection

• In-document search for MS Office, TXT and RTF files

• You can now view Open Office Writer files (.odt)

• MP3 player now supports playlists and background mode as well as few other features

• Image Viewer loads large pictures much faster

• There is a possibility to view CHM files

• This update has also RAR unarchivers

• Access bookmarks from browser start page

• Google search field

• Ability to save part of the page to Web Archive

• Sync FTP/SFTP servers with your device

• FTP compatibility improvements

• Private Keys for SFTP servers

• SFTP works much faster now

• WebDAV client and server improvements

• Open source code in editor’ setting

• Require Immediately’ setting for Passkey Lock

So if you are looking for a good document viewer then here is updated version of RedleDoc at your service.

Download it now from the App Store for $4.99