Siri Tips: Now Update Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & More

Now you can do more with Siri thanks to people over at Techland  who have put together some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Siri and accomplishing tasks that aren’t currently built-in.Here are a few tips for updating Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by redirecting them through SMS however, text message charges will of course apply.

For Facebook:

 For Facebook, text “Hello” to 32665 in the United States (or the short code for whatever country you belong to), then follow the link in the reply to finish the setup process. Add the short code to your Contacts, and name it “Facebook.” That way, you can tell Siri to “send a text to Facebook ” 

For Twitter:

For Twitter, text “START” to 40404 in the United States (or the short code for other countries), then respond with your username, then your password. Add the short code to your Contacts with the name “Twitter.”

For Google+:

For Google+, visit your settings page and scroll down to “Set delivery preferences.” Add your cell phone number, but be sure to click “don’t notify me” if you don’t want incoming Google+ messages by text. Verify your number with the code you receive by phone, then add the short code “33669″ (in the U.S.) to your contacts as “Google Plus.” Updates are shared with everyone in your circles.