iPhone 3GS selling out in AT&T

A couple of weeks ago iPhone 4S was released and along with that release we saw the newly changed contract plans for the earlier versions of  iPhones the iPhone4 and iPhone 3GS,with the iPhone 3GS made virtually free of cost with a 2 years contract.

“We continue to bring in more subscribers onto our network with pure data plans,” AT&T Mobility Chief Executive Officer Ralph de la Vegasaid. “18 million, or nearly half of our smartphone subscribers, are on tiered plans with most choosing the higher priced data plan.”

So apart from the iPhone 4S sells which are overwhelming with most of the carriers sold out and store sells are going reservations only,even the legacy models like the iPhone 3GS which is now free on contract is doing well last time AT&T checked the 3GS are selling out all over the United States.So the Free on Contract thing is working out quite well even though it’s a 2 generation old version of the iPhone.

The current status of activations on the AT&T network sees almost 56 % of the activations made for all the iPhone’s combined,that is the iPhone4,iPhone3GS and the newly launched iPhone 4S,with over 1 million iPhone4S activations already.