[How to] Sync iMessages Across All iDevices

We have already discussed how to Set up iMessage, in our previous post. Now the next thing that can be done is, if you happen to use multiple iOS devices then you will surely want to sync your conversations across them all. This is supposed to happen automatically as long as the iMessage account on each iOS device is set to the same Apple ID, but it doesn’t always do so. If your iMessages aren’t syncing, then here’s how you can do this in a jiffy and also reliably sync across all your devices.

Sync iMessages

Follow these steps on your iOS device:

  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Select “Messages”
  • Scroll down and tap on “Receive At”
  • At the bottom of the iMessage account screen, tap on “Caller ID”
  • Tap on the Apple ID as your caller ID (yes, even on the iPhone)
  • Close out Settings and repeat on your other iOS hardware
  • Send a new iMessage and check your iOS devices, they should now all be synced
  • It’s obviously necessary for you to be using the same Apple ID or iMessage account here, and this also requires iOS 5 on every device since iMessage is a feature of that OS update.

And there it is, a very quick and simple method to synchronize your iMessage across all of your iDevices