iPhone 4S Now Reservation Only At Retail Stores in US and Canada

iPhone 4S has got a humongous opening weekend, we already knew that it sold over a million units on the 24 hrs of preorders,if that wasn’t enough to tell the success story well hear this, as officially reported earlier Apple sold over 4 million iPhone 4S in 3 days of its launch to public.

Due to this huge demand the phone is quite hard to find in the retail stores and even online.So now apple has decidedĀ  to avail buyers of the phones to get the hold of it first on reservation only basis in US and Canada as reported earlier by Macrumors. So that means first a consumer will have to reserve his iPhone 4S from the official Apple site a day before he is going to buy it in the Retail Store and then can go next day to pick up the phone from the store and choose a suitable carrier to go with it in the store itself.

So the Customers will need to visit Apple’s site beginning 9:00 PM tonight to reserve a phone for the following day. This is a good initiative by Apple so that when a customer directly walks in to the Store he won’t be disappointed if the phone is not in stock, so Reservation only option would be a better choice to make for the potential customers and handle the high demand at same time.