iPad ‘Mini’ rumored to be a 7.85 Inch Affair?

Rumors and iOS Devices go hand in hand, every now and then we hear about an alleged upcoming iDevice floating around with leaked pics and specifications, we already had enough rumors about iPhone5 which was expected to be released in place of iPhone4S but it wasn’t.

This time around it’s time for some iPad rumor,as speculated by many bloggers in the blogosphere apple is prepping  a ‘Mini’ version of iPad which is expected to be released next year. Now images are floating around of what it’s believed to be the iPad Mini with a 7.85″ display courtesy AU Optronics and LG Display as reported earlier by UnwWiredview as sample to Apple.

The question arise,will it be possible to match the existing display resolution with a smaller display screen than the existing one?and would it affect the usage characteristics of the users who have previously used the existing iPad which is 9.7″ display.But you never know , if Amazon kindle succeeds to sell their tablets for dirt cheap rates then apple might think over this one as well.

[via - Macrumors]