Apple’s New MacBook Pro’s Expected By End Of The Year

For the past few weeks rumors of Apple planning to tweak its MacBook Pro line were doing the rounds on the web. It seems that they rumors for once were true, with Apple showing on its own online store of MacBook Pro’s new memory model due to be shipped later this year. It will probably have some meager CPU modifications and possibly an improved Bluetooth Wireless networking.

If you do a search on Apple’s online store for ‘MacBook Pro’, you get a list of Apple’s products. In that list of products, there are two mysterious entries for ‘Macbook Pro Memory Model’ toward the bottom with the caption “Ships: Coming in November”.

The two links which can be seen in above image are currently inactive. Although these might be the spare part numbers for the new MacBook Pros and the 2_3 and 2_4 could be the new speeds of the quad-core Intel Core i7 processors (current is 2.0 to 2.3 GHz). If they are spare parts, these often ship a week or so after the new products so the Mac Book Pro’s could come sooner than ‘November’.