[How to] Setup and Use iMessage for iPhone

iMessage was introduced along with iOS5. In my opinion it is one of the top 2 features of iOS5 (the other being improved notification system). It’s Apple’s answer to BBM service.

Follow the tutorial below to setup and use iMessage for your iPhone.

• First thing ensure that the iOS 5 is running successfully.

• Go to ‘Settings’ & select ‘Messages’ then turn the toggle switch for iMessage to on.

• Now there will be a message called “Activating”.

• Next user have to enter receive address, which can be Apple ID or iPhone number or both. Configure these using the “Receive At” tab.

• Once these steps are completed user have an iMessage account on iPhone

• Also you have an option to send as an SMS if iMessage data connection is not available. Turn that on.

Thats all you need to do. iMessage has been successfully configured now.

Check out this Video below on how to use it: