Unlocked iPhone 4S now available for Purchase in US

Apple was supposed to be selling the Unlocked version of iPhone 4S in the US starting from November.

But now it seems that a select Apple Retail outlets are already beginning to sell the iPhone 4S Contract-Free!

Troughton-Smith was the one who bought the iPhone 4S contract free and verified that it works perfectly by testing it on T-Mobile’s network via an O2 SIM on roaming.

To Activate and Unlock the iPhone 4S the user simply has to connect it to iTunes following which he will get a confirmation from Apple that the iPhone has been activated and unlocked.

The contract-free prices for iPhone 4S are:

iPhone 4S 16Gb- $649

iPhone 4S 32Gb- $749

iPhone 4S 64Gb- $849

[via - 9to5Mac]