Unable to Handle Workload, Siri Goes Offline Temporarily

With the launch of iPhone 4S, Apple recorded all time high sales. Expectantly, many of the new iPhone owners were excited to us its new feature Siri and start a dialog with it.  Well it looks like this morning more than expected people communicated with Siri and overloaded it causing it to go offline.

As reported by  David W. Martin on cultofmac:

I had a late day yesterday and I’m only now getting around to playing around with and testing Siri. I think the rest of you might have worn it out since it isn’t as snappy as it was yesterday when I tried  a few preliminary requests.

My first query this morning ended with the result that Siri telling me it was offline (see image above). I tried asking it “Siri what is the meaning of life? ” and it has spun its wheels for several minutes now.  After telling me to wait a second.  Well as those seconds stretch into minutes Siri finally gave up on that query and said:


This might have happened due to many users  Siri at the same time and overwhelming it. However, Apple will surely work out these early jitters and make Siri a better experience for its users. As of now, Siri appears to be the best feature the iPhone 4S offers. Soon enough Siri will come out of this difficult early phase and move towards becoming a reliable piece of information provider.