[How to] Update Twitter Status with Siri









The new & most coolest feature packed inside a iPhone 4S called Siri, is one of the most futuristic way that can be used to update your Twitter status.

To do this user just have to follow simple step :

1. Open Twitter.com via iPhone’s Safari Browser,

2. Once Twitter opens up, Log in and go into Setting. Go to the Mobile Tab and make sure that you have associated your Mobile number with the service.

3. Note down the number Twitter gives you. You’re gonna need this.

4. Send a Message to that Number to verify that your Time Line gets updated.

5. Save that number you noted down and create a new Contact with this number. Give the name as “Twitter” and save it.

6. Now all you need to do it, fire up Siri and speak “Send a message to Twitter” and you’re good to go.

There’s no doubt that in future, developers will make use of the Siri API and integrate this functionality natively with their Twitter/Facebook apps. But for now, this workaround works just fine!

[via - iphoneAddict]