iPhone 4S to Launch in India this Year

We saw the launch yesterday with people lining up at the stores worldwide as the doors were opened for the customers to buy the iPhone4S released in 7 countries.The pre orders were already sold out for all the US carriers so the line for the stores were huge.

Being an indian there’s always a curiosity about the new products launch in India parallel to the worldwide launch,apple started this concept with iPad2 by virtually releasing the device within a few days after the US release ,eying the indian markets to grab the then unknown territory.

So it seems iPhone 4S is going the iPad 2 way,According to a recent reports by BGR iPhone 4s is all set to release in india with most probably 3 carriers including Aircel and Airtel who currently have iPhone 4 in their stocks and one more unknown carrier also in the race for bringing iPhone 4S to indian shores.So according to the reports the device will most probably release in December if not as early as November but the sources are saying that it would surely release this year end.

Watch this space for more scoop on iPhone4S release and other iPhone news.

Update: The iPhone 4S is rumored to launch in India this month on November 24th!