5 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S has now been officially released in as many as 7 countries today with multiple carriers around the globe and while some of the enthusiasts criticized the Phone for not being the redesigned iPhone 5, the figures are record breaking with all its previous records broken already.

We were also a bit disappointed for starters, but that’s how we are, we are geeks, we love our gadgets and so the iPhone4S for it’s awesomeness, here are a few handpicked reasons why one should buy the iPhone 4S.


1. Processing Speed

Though this one also sport an A5 processor there is a huge performance boost as compared to its predecessor the iPhone 4, as we have seen earlier from the benchmarks it almost provides double the performance than the iPhone4 and the new advanced Graphics Processing Unit provide the eye candy for the games.

2. Camera

One of the most important feature of this version of iPhone is the improved camera with 8 Megapixel lens and some advanced features like low light picture improvement courtesy the illumination sensor and a amazing 1080P FULL HD video recording support with professional handy tools like temporal noise reduction is a plus.

3. Siri

The girly voice behind the phone, one of the USP of the phone ‘Siri‘ a voice recognition based system, which will do all the important work for you like voice to text for the important urgent texting or email and help you in multitasking while doing other important work as it simply understands the spoken language courtesy a large database.

4. Improved Antenna and Battery Life

One of the most  disappointing thing of iPhone 4 was the whole antenna gate fiasco and while the sells for the phones were still good Apple had to give away millions of free cases to all the users to cope up with the death grip which was causing the network strength issues with the phone.

Come iPhone 4S everything changes, the new design features a dual antenna for the phone for strong signal reception,so an alternative antenna will be chosen if the first one fails to draw the network. With the HSDPA+ one can enjoy high speeds of data rates which were impossible on its predecessor.

One must be thinking that if apple is throwing in that much flesh into this monster then there must be some compromise made in the battery durability department,well surprisingly the battery life is as good as the iPhone 4, with 8 hours on 3G (14 hours on 2G) network and up to 10 hours of video viewing is possible on the iPhone 4S, so no compromises made for performance gain.

5. It’s an iPhone

Well as they say, if you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone. The whole iOS ecosystem including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with tons of applications up its sleeves in the App Store and not just playing the number games in terms of number of apps in the store but the quality of the apps and games made available to public after rigorous testing before approving the app into the store. This is a 3.5″ of goodness into your pocket with the state of the art experience.

Still if you are not convinced to buy an iPhone 4S, it’s time for the divine intervention.