iCloud Issue : Data clearing problem in iOS 5

Here is an interesting peice of tidbit related to iCloud, Marco Arment , the creators of a popular app called Instapaper have noticed some problems related to changes which were made in iOS 5 to integrate it with iCloud backups.

Last week some users facing problems in accessing backups which were previously stored in apps. According to reports a user was up to catch a flight so he stocked his iPad for a long flight, sync bunch of movies & podcasts, downloaded few magazines, so there was very little free space.

Right before boarding, he remembered to download newest issue of The Economist. This caused free space to fall below the threshold that triggered a cleaner, which in background  & without giving a hint of a warning all the content was deleted which was saved on Instapaper. When he launched Instapaper in flight & finds it completely empty.

In testing its clear that app stores data into its document folder & data stored in application bundle itself, the cache memory & temporary directory isn’t backed up to iCloud.

If you are using apps like eBook reader, podcast clients, offline mapping programs or even iBooks apps would wiped clean if device has low space.

So make sure you keep atleast 500mb of free space always available as buffer.