[How To] Create a Location Based Reminder in iOS 5

Welcome to iOS 5, as you all know that iOS 5 was launched on Wednesday this week. This fifth version of iOS brings up some super cool apps with itself. So here is the brand new app from iOS 5 called as Location Based Reminders, which is built in iOS 5. Using iOS 5′s geo-fencing APIs, both the iPad and iPhone apps will now alert you to a reminder when you are in the appropriate area. To use this app users first need to Enable & Sync iCloud with iCloud Reminders.

The configuration of this app is pretty simple just need a few steps as follows.

1. Go to app & open it, to add new reminder just click on the + sign which locates at the top right corner of app.

2. By default Reminder app has no reminder time added to it, to change this you need to create a new reminder.

3. Under  that reminder name you have to type a appropriate name for a new created reminder. Remind me is been used.

4. Now there will be two options like On a Day or At a Location. In this instance, want to toggle at a Location to on.

5. User can have set a reminder for current location or he can just set reminder to a address he wants.

6. Once all this done, then user can choose whether he wants reminder to notify when he leaves or when he arrives.

7. Then finally just tap on done button on right hand corner. Yep that’s it.



Now when you will leave or arrive that’s specified, you should receive a push notification