iOS5′s Exceptional Demand Causes Error 3200, Bricks some iPhones

iOS5 was finally launched yesterday by Apple as promised. So the carnage for updating the iOS based devices was bound to happen as every tom, dick and harry tried to install the latest updates on their iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touches.

So due to this excessive load on the servers many of the users were getting the Error 3200 which basically pinged the Apple servers for authentication but couldn’t get any valid reply due to server overload.

Some of the users are also reported to have bricked their iPhones courtesy the problem while updating their devices since they couldn’t reactivate their phones through the servers, as reported earlier by Appleinsider.

If all this wasn’t enough, well hear this, there are also reports about iCloud inaccessibility and some of the users who have bricked their iPhones in the process are also getting another Error 3004 which is also believed to be caused by the same 3200 error.

The service representatives have promised that the authentication issue is being sorted out and will take a few hours for the service to be available without any hassle.

So if you are getting either of the above 2 errors, wait it out for a while and then try updating your iDevice again.